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Wendy’s Story

Wendy, 79, noticed problems with her vision more than 20 years ago, when she gradually started losing sight in her right eye. She was able to maintain her usual activities until she began to lose sight in both eyes. Her sight continually worsened, and three years ago she was officially diagnosed with dry AMD. 

Wendy has been forced to change the way she does many of the things she used to enjoy, like needlework. She is now limited to using a sewing machine with a magnifying glass for her needlework. She has also lost her ability to drive and has difficulty watching television because it is hard to decipher what is being said without being able to read lips or subtitles.

When she looks at friends and family, their faces become distorted and she struggles to decipher who is who. She does not see her grandchildren often, and can no longer look at pictures as an alternative to seeing them in person. She often relies on her husband Leonard to tell her who people are.

“It is upsetting because I don’t want to rely on anyone else to do anything for me. I am an independent person, and having to ask for help is difficult for me. This condition runs in families, and I want to help my own family and stop them from experiencing what I have by helping research into new treatments.”