Orbit™ subretinal delivery system (Orbit SDS™)

Our Approach

The Orbit SDS™ developed by Gyroscope Therapeutics uses a flexible cannula designed to contour to the globe and access the back of the eye, targeting a subretinal location in the posterior segment.

The procedure enables precise delivery to the subretinal space without the need to remove the vitreous (which increases the risk of developing cataracts) or creating a hole in the retina (retinomy).

The Delivery

The Orbit SDS™ was specifically designed and optimized for precise microinjection into the subretinal space.


Controlled delivery to the subretinal space.

Volume: This procedure enables delivery of a precise dosage to the subretinal space and eliminates loss into the vitreous.

Location: The Orbit SDS™ delivers the dose in close proximity to the target subretinal location.


Reproducible procedure.

The Orbit SDS™ was designed to reduce intraoperative variabilities and provide for a standardized subretinal delivery procedure.


Avoids potential vitrectomy-related complications.

This procedure allows the surgeon to directly enter the subretinal space and does not require removal of the healthy vitreous.

View the instructions for use of Orbit SDS™

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*Please refer to the Instructions for Use for a detailed review of procedure steps and associated procedure risks associated with the Orbit™ subretinal delivery system.



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