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Our initial focus is age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which causes progressive and permanent vision impairment leaving many people not only with devastating vision loss, but also with loss of their independence as they lose the ability to read, drive or even recognize the faces of loved ones.

People living with AMD are our guide. We seek to anticipate their needs and understand their journey. This drives us to develop innovative treatments to fight the devastating impact of AMD. 


The science that guides us

Gyroscope was founded to develop gene therapy beyond rare diseases. We are working to understand the complement system, the genetics of AMD and how gene therapy may help millions facing vision loss.

Recent research has shown that overactivation of the complement system, a key part of the immune system, is an important driver of AMD because it can lead to unnecessary inflammation that damages healthy eye tissues. Research also shows that variants in genes associated with the complement system are a key driver of this disease.

Gyroscope is committed to


We are currently enrolling people with geographic atrophy (GA) secondary to AMD in several clinical trials around the world to study the safety and effectiveness* of our investigational gene therapy, which is designed as a one-time treatment that is delivered under the retina.

*Investigational therapy means that the therapy has not been approved by any regulatory authority and no regulatory authority has determined the therapy to be safe and effective to treat AMD or any other condition.

Gyroscope Therapeutics policy on expanded access to investigational therapies

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