Ocular Delivery

Specifically designed and optimized

At Gyroscope, our unwavering focus is on delivering the promise of our gene therapy science to patients with impaired vision due to retinal disease.


Enabling broad patient access through less invasive options

We are continually evaluating the patient, the treatment, and the disease state in our aim to developing delivery options with the optimal combination of performance, safety and scalability – with the goal of ensuring as many patients as possible can benefit from our promise of our gene therapy in the future.

Established Delivery Development

Gyroscope is focused on multiple delivery initiatives, including subretinal, suprachoroidal, intravitreal and novel capsids.

Paving the way for advanced therapeutic development

Delivery expansion creates opportunities to explore precise therapeutic delivery to a variety of locations in the eye, including subretinal, vitreous and superchoroidal space.

Exploring multiple delivery approaches

Access to multiple delivery approaches enables Gyroscope to explore the optimal site of delivery for any therapeutic and provides us with a unique competitive advantage.

Find out more about Gyroscope’s Subretinal Delivery System – Orbit™ Subretinal Delivery System (Orbit SDS™)



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